Top features of Google Allo much butter than WhatsApp !

Allo is an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google. It was announced 8 may 2016 and launched on 21  September 2016. The app is available both on Android and iOS devices

Google Assistant will help you

Top features Google Allo much butter WhatsApp

Top features Google Allo much butter WhatsApp


Google Alo real fun of the many features you’ll messaging. The messaging app is the most amazing feature is the name of Google Assistant. This is still largely the same as Google Now smart is much more than that. During the chat will help you in many ways. Suppose if you are planning to chat while watching the film, you own chat in Google Assistant, from booking tickets for the film review will make up available option.

So you will not come out of your chat application for which you usually would often come out of your chats.
See Smart Suggestions

This is a messaging app, but also a smart messaging app. The chat on Google’s behalf while you are already making Suggest smart reply. Not only this. Over time, the app learns your behavior and the way you respond to the choices accordingly.

Please also use the search engine

Using Google’s messaging app if you have any questions or information to be used for the Google search engine, you just need to type your search further and @Google app you will see your results.

Small and large size voluntarily enter text and emoji

Also at the level of animation Alo has brought many amazing features. The increase or decrease the size of your text and send emoji. This thing called writing will come much effect. For this you just have to send to the continued holding down arrow icon to move it up or down and you will find larger or smaller.

Also the photos you can also write or draw. As recently WhatsApp has added this feature in itself. But it will also store your own sticker is not in the WhatsApp.

*Smart Reply
*SHOUT or whisper
*Incognito mode and much more