Sri Krishna death Mahabharat Shocking Mystery

Sri Krishna death Mahabharat Shocking Mystery

Death of lord Krishna is one the biggest mysteries in Hindu mythology.

Krishna went to the forest with his elder brother Balarama. One day Krishna was rest under a tree a hunter hunt deer hunter saw the Krishna feet with lotus sing blow and mistook it to be an animal.



The hunter shot an arrow which hit the lord Krishna feet. hunter realizing his mistake the hunter came to near lord Krishna and asked for forgiveness.

the lord Krishna smiled and said, that it was all destined to be this way. thus lord Krishna left the earthly about marking an end to the Dwapara yuga.

scriptures say that the hunter who killed lord Krishna was none other then the monkey king Balli reborn as the hunter

since lord Krishna in his previous birth as lord Krishna balli without a proper reason and from behind the bushes, he was destined to die at his hands of the hunter.

This, it is quite evident that even the lord himself cannot be spared from the clutches of karma.