Nani Majnu Movie Review Majnu Movie Rating Story, Public Talk

Nani Majnu Movie Review Majnu Movie Rating Story, Public Talk

Director : Virinchi Varma

Producer : Geetha Golla
Music Director : Gopi Sunder




Aditya (Nani) is the guy to read engineering. Director SS Rajamouli worked as assistant director of the movie at amazon. Manodu first sight Flower (Priya SRI) Love wrapped up. She also stated that upon the honesty of his old lavstori flower girl in love with him. Meanwhile, Aditya Kiran Old Lover (Anu Emmanuel) Aditya Life revolves around the entry given a new turn to their love story. The Aditya to his old, new girlfriend once had to face? Who won in the end love? Majnu had been to the cinema.

Pulse points (+):
– Nani acting
– Cinematography
– Music
– Climax

Minus (-):
– Routine Story
– Second half
– But the emotional scenes that connect
– Pre predictable climax


Nani Majnu Movie Review Majnu Movie Ratin

Good story, humor, cool love story film  ‘Majnu’. The first half is a beautiful love story and comedy with a good timing,Nani acting, beautiful cinematography, this film is the climax of  plus points in the second half bore a routine story, pre climax episode two key scenes logic Missed The minus points. this film is good entertainment for the audience to enjoy the performance of Nani, gives satisfaction.