Janatha Garage movie Special Interview  jr.ntr Samantha hero jr .ntr and samantha  Koratala Siva the movie is going released in theaters on 31 August but in Tollywood the release is planning on 1 September

Janatha Garage movie Special Interview jr.ntr Samantha

In before releasing movie hero Jr NTR and Samantha busy with promotion of movie

This interview is going vary funnily Jr.ntr consoles Samantha  and says don’t cry control your self



Some of the question ask by interviewer NTR is here below :-

Q:-why should we wreath the janatha garage movie ?

janatha garage movie is heating my heart vary much since from 2 years I like the concept of the movie very much. Along with actors like Mohanlal and Nithya Menon has major roles

Q2:- what you think about DSP music

Devi Sri Prasad is a favorite music director we both have very good condition movie like “nannaku prenatho,” “Adhurs,” “Rakhi” and ‘naa alludu.” He gives me super albums and janatha garage is confidence that it is one of the best movie album in my carreer

3Q what you think about kajal Agarwal item song

I think it is a not a item song it is a special song rather than the item song it’s comes in an important point in the part of the story and she was great addition to the flim with this song

4Q Do you expect janatha garage movies reach ₹100 crore club?

I basically don’t think about its a 50 crore club or 100 crore club we want a make good movie but this flim do well and earn profits for all

5Q what is your working experience with Mohanlal

He is a great actor and immensely knowledgeable thir is no wall between him and other in the set.

6Q what are your upcoming projects?

This is no upcoming projects after janatha garage I want small back to spend time with my son Abhay I well announce my future projects soon after that.