India on Thursday said the Apple iPhone price cut in India. The newly released iPhone 7, 7 plus  Apple iPhone in India on October 7, 6 S, 6 S Plus, iPhone SE heavily cut down the prices. 128 GB model of the iPhone 6 S, 6 S Plus has been reduced by high prices. I Phone 6 S (128 GB) model, the company announced a price cut of Rs 22 thousand. 6 S price of Rs 60 thousand to Rs 82 thousand, while now it is not available. 128 GB 6 S Plus also declined by Rs 22 thousand to Rs 70 thousand not available. Its price was Rs 92 thousand. According to the reduced prices, the price of the iPhone 6, S 6 and S-plus price of Rs 50 thousand to Rs 60 thousand to begin with. Priced when compared with the price falling to release Rs 12 thousand.
SE four-inch screen, Apple released the iPhone also reduced price. SE 64 GB model of the iPhone finger on the phone’s price is now Rs 44. While the finger is reduced to Rs 5 to Rs 49 thousand in the past. SE 16 GB model without a change in the price of Rs 39 is the finger. In the first quarter of 2016, the world’s top-selling model is the iPhone 6 S.