Healthy lunch ideas for Children kids

Healthy lunch ideas Children kids Best food kids lunch

We want take healthy foods in childhood

Here is some healthy lunch box tips for your child

Lets start with breakfast we well request you please Avoid high sugar food because it has only sugar  nothing in that will give you some idea to the children instead of give it use chipped up fruits in regular cornflakes


Is children like vegetables? No they don’t like to eat vegetables here is a way you can do grate/Puree vegetables and add them to purees,paraphrases or riots add the pure vegetables to the their favorite food . they like to eat noodles is good for health no not but we can make it healthy by adding of some good vegetables to the noodles so they well eat mostly likely make fruits more exciting with a fruit slaw. make food more cavity like write a message or your child’s name onto a food


♦calcium is use to build the bone stronger. here some of the sources to get good amount of calcium for the body

Sources :- yogut milk,cheese green leafy as well as fromage frais


♦ Protein is important for helping you child to grow. so if you want good grow in the child protein takes meager roll

Sources :- eggs skinless chicken, oily fish and dairy foods,


♦ Fruit taste great which has more vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber so put fruit into every meal they also be added to other ingredients.

Recipe suggestions                                             

Mango & banana smoothies



MAKES 1 LITER                                                     


1 medium mango

1 banana

500ml orange juice

 4 ice cubes


1.cut the mango down either side of the flat stone.

2.Peel and chop the banana

3.Put all the ingredients into a food processor until smooth keep it in the fridge 1-2 hr and use the day you make it