new Delhi. Google is giving you a great chance to become a millionaire | If you are an expert in Ethical Hacking Google around 23 million rupees (3.5 million dollars) will. Google search engine has launched an offer under which its smartphone Nexus and Nexus 5X 6P 3.5 million dollar reward to those who hack. In all countries of the world including India is considered to be illegal hacking.

What is offered to us

The company will provide email addresses and mobile. In return mail and messages for hackers to hack into Google’s two phones. Significantly, not Facebook, Google, companies like Apple and Microsoft are offering such offers from time to time, under which the hackers to hack a product or offer is to find fault and to locate a particular amount is announced.
Not one, not the chance of up to 6 months

Contest will be about six months. Two million dollars to get the first position, second position and the third position with a million dollar prize will be given 50 thousand dollars. If two people with the same bug as entry points only will be the first person. Google hopes that through it he can continue to improve our product.