fall Sleep Hypnic Jerks What does it mean when you fall in your Sleep Hypnic Jerks

What does it mean when you fall in your Sleep Hypnic Jerks

Do you getting dream like your falling from big apartment ? or Devils dream do not worry it’s is called hypni jerk. It’s is not diseases or its not a nervous disorder but it’s most common to all more than you think Don’t lose sleep over hypnic jerks. We bring you the hows and whys of this sleep peculiarity.

When you are ready to sleep, your are slowly getting into deep sleep mode Rapid eye movement sleep or REM  But your body feel like losing balance or falling for any hight places  and you suddenly weak up with a jerk or a jump your heart beating rapidly with speedy but your still in bed It can be described as falling, electric shock surging through your body or sudden feeling of loss of balance.

brain is confused!

What really happens is that your brain is confused. It misinterprets the relaxing of the muscles. As you fall asleep, thereby relaxing physically, your brain remains active. Experts believe that this creates an impression or sensation of falling and therefore your brain tells your body to react.
The jolts could be a result of calcium, magnesium or iron deficiency. Also, avoid exercises just before bed time. Smokes and drinks will keep you sleep deprived too. Listen to soothing music and take off your thinking cap before going to bed. There are pills that the doctor will prescribe but don’t worry hypnic jerks ease out as you feel more relaxed and comfortable with times.