Bahubali 2 movie story leaked  why Kattappa killed

Bahubali 2 movie story leaked Kattappa killed Baahubali

Baahubali 1 movie opened massive collection in all across south Indian around Rs₹ 50 crore.

The biggest mystery in the part 1 Baahubali movie is why kattappa killed Baahubali

leaked story:

Once Baahubali become the emperor of the Baahubali Kingdom. Baahubali and Bhalla Deva  fall in love with Devasena so mother of both Baahubali and Bhalla Deva shivagami passed instructions whoever marries Devasena well have to leave the emperor. Baahubali agree to this condition and decide to marry Devasena and leaves mahishmati Kingdom as for mahishmati Kingdom as for the condition

After the Baahubali leaves the mahishmati Kingdom Bhalla Deva rules the Kingdom get under the attack of son of kalakeya king, which forces Baahubali to return mahishmati and save his Kingdom. Then Baahubali order to Kadapa to killed Baahubali who is under the oath of obeying king Bhalla Deva order

This story line looks quite viable but we have to wait and see its is a actually story or not if it’s is a real story also fan are waiting for Baahubali 2 vary eagerly because of directors of ss Rajamouli

Director SS Rajamouli completed the shooting of Baahubali 2

Baahubali part 2 teaser and trailer release date confirmed:

Baahubali part 2 movie shooting is in final stage now movie is ready to post processing as for latest new the first teaser of movie will planning to release in January 2017 and trailer in February or March

Baahubali movie release date:-

Movie is going released in well be in 14 April 2017 on good Friday and its is a official announcement by Prabhas official Twitter account

Baahubali part 3

Recently ss Rajamouli hinted about Baahubali movie part in Rajamouli official Twitter account he wrote :- many rumors on Baahubali 3…:) The story well conclude with part 2 no dragging